Saturday, August 20, 2011

bebe Women's Bathilda Platform Open Toe

Hello shoe-lovers!

I bought the bebe Women's Bathilda Platform Open Toe in red and in my usual US size 6.5 from Amazon. (I have since learnt to buy size 7 for security)

The shipping from Amazon was fast, received the shoes in a week or two all the way in Melbourne, price was good, (can't really remember how much I bought them because I ordered three pairs of shoes at the same time) and the packaging was great! the two reviews on the amazon website only mentioned how sexy the shoes were, nothing about the fit, and I needed a pair of red shoes so I bought them.

I must say, these shoes are gorgeous! however, I could not fit my feet into these shoes because they run really narrow. I could not return them either because of the shipping cost from Melbourne. three of my friends, who wear the same shoe size as I do, tried these shoes but no one could fit into them. So I will advise anyone who wants to buy these shoes to take note of the fact that they run really narrow. My feet are a normal width, i.e. neither narrow nor wide and I could not even squeeze in!

If you have narrow feet and love high heels, these shoes are for you. The heel is about 4.5" to 5" and the platform in front will ensure comfortability. And on amazon at the moment, they are going for about $30 to $40 which is a fraction of their initial cost of $140!

As for me, they are still in my closet, in their original package, I might end up selling them on e-bay :(.

Ciao lovelies and stay tuned!

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