Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dolce Vita Bette Platform Sandals

Hi Everyone!

I bought these pair of sandals from the MYHABIT website. Let me start by saying that Amazon sent me an invite to join the site and I got a $25 discount off my first purchase. MYHABIT is one of these new sites where one gets notified of amazing designer deals daily, the deals are usually only available for a short time.

Anyway, these sandals were originally $175, even on Amazon at the time, but MYHABIT offered them at $79 and I got $25 off that as well, so it came down to $54 USD, shipping to Australia was $15. I got these shoes in three days! I was so shocked and happy, considering how long my shipping from other US sites take, so MYHABIT rocks!.

Let me go on to my review, the sandals are 4.75" but with a 1.75" platform, so essentially you are walking on 3", uber comfortable and padded. The package was also really cool, I did not throw the box away like I normally do with most shoes, just because of how nice it is :).

I got the platinum, the bright colours were sold out in my size unfortunately. They fit true to size and are amazing.

they are now on sale on Amazon for $69 and you can find them here. I highly recommend them for the true shoe lover, especially at their current price. You get height, glam, diva and chic all in these sandals :)

My ASOS packages have all arrived and I really will do the review soon, I've just been too lazy to take pictures.