Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello divas!

Just a quick post to inform you that is having crazy warehouse sales right now! Just follow the link final mark downs . Have fun shopping designer items at ridiculous prices, I have a few reviews coming from my recent binge.

Much love divas! Mwah!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Return of the prodigal blogger...

I have been a prodigal blogger and I feel very bad about it.

I really love writing, sharing opinions/reviews and taking pictures, all the basic elements that a good blogger needs right? So why am I such an inconsistent blogger? Honestly, if someone offered to just zap me with a magic wand that will ensure consistency, I would take them up immediately.

This blog was created to chronicle my adventures as an online shopper and also help people by providing reviews on the items that I purchase, especially the ones that I have a had time finding reviews on, and I really have no reason or excuse for not doing just that! Particularly since I have done more than a fair bit of shopping since the last time I was here!

I am back now though, I really just wish I knew where to start from. There are shoes, dresses, skirts, pants, home decor... etc, so many things that I need to share with you guys. I have completely fallen in love with ASOS and probably deserve shares there, lol, I kid, I'm sure there are other people who spend way more than I do on ASOS (I seriously hope there is!)

Anyway, I guess I will start with any item that speaks to me first, and hopefully continue from there. Hopefully, I can give information that will help someone with their online purchase.

I'll be back people, I promise!

Monday, January 9, 2012

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