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Hi All!

As part of my online shopping addiction, one of the sites I frequent often is (apparently formerly known as As Seen On Screen).  ASOS has their own "home brand" but also sell other high street brands like River Island, Oasis, Aldo, French Connection, Mango, Warehouse, Vera Moda and designer brands as well.

I am familiar with UK shopping as I have been there in person, so sizing is not a problem usually. However, because I recently added 10kg, taking me from my usual 55kg to 65kg (working on it now, lol), I thought I would no longer be a size 8, and opted to buy a dress in a size 10 from this website. As a test, I also bought another dress in a size 8. the dress I bought in a size 10, needless to say, was way too big for me while the size 8 fit. I did not return the other dress however, I gave it to a friend because I am somewhat lazy about posting stuff, so I really know nothing about their returns YET. The quality of the dresses were just ok, nothing to be excited about but for the prices, I'd say, I really can't complain.

The shipping on is free, yes, international shipping is free! so I'm always tempted to buy stuff, especially as Australia is so far away from everywhere else, ergo high shipping rates. Anyway, I have since gone back to buy more items and this time, I went on a limb and bought 4 dresses, a skirt, a pair of pants and some shoes. I am biting my nails as I wait on these items and I will give a detailed review, including some images when they do arrive.

Sidenote: I really wish clothes from Mango would not be restricted to the UK on, because I am at least confident about the quality of clothes from this company. There are a few other stores like that do not ship outside UK or to certain countries, so you might want to read the description box before trying to purchase.

Fingers crossed and hoping my shipment arrives AND that everything fits, I really hate returns!



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